ADI Part 3 changes 2017 – Driving Instructor Qualification

The DVSA are bringing the instructional test in line with the ADI Standards Check

On the 2nd October 2017 the Approved Driving Instructor Test will be changing. Irrelevant to how you have trained or what tests you have already taken, it is planned that from this date you will only be able to take the new style part 3 test- in line with the new ADI Standards Check (Introduced in 2014). Chris Bensted was one of the first to publish a free guide to the ADI Standards Check (Available here). He continues to be one of the leading industry 'go to' individuals for ADIs requiring advice or training, especially to those in Kent and South East London.

How does this change things?

The new test will use the SC1 form to assess your ability as a trainer. Instead of the examiner acting as a pupil in a role play scenario, the candidate will be expected to provide their own pupil. This can be anyone up to and including a PDI (Trainee Instructor) who has NOT taken their Part 2 test. Full licence holder, new driver or novice, the candidate will then be expected to deliver a relevant, adaptive and structured lesson while being observed by the Senior Examiner (SE).

The driver is expected to demonstrate understanding, be aware of and agree to the 'job share' between trainer and trainee, as well as demonstrate learning taking place. The Trainer is required to adapt the lesson to keep it relevant and suited to the ability level of the trainee.




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How Can Better Driver Training Help You?

If you are training to be a driving instructor? Or are interested in doing so? Better Driver Training can provide professional training and guidance to help you succeed. Standards check style training and recovery, full Part 1, 2 and 3 training or a Part 3 specific booster, we offer bespoke training solutions designed for you.

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ADI Part 3 changes 2017 – Driving Instructor Qualification