ADI Part 4 – The Secret Test

Becoming a success

Surviving as a self-employed Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

What is the REAL test?

Every year 1000's of people commit to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

The standard required to qualify is high!

In their first 1-2 years many fail the final test. We tell you why........

Building a career as a successful driving instructor

When you are investigating the options available to you they often sound too good to be true. Depending who you ask, they may be!

Step 1: Training

There are many opportunities to consider:

  • National training provider
  • Independent ADI Trainer
  • Home/Self study
  • Local driving school
  • Regional driving school


  • Traditional learning - Part 1, Part 2 then Part 3
  • Blended learning - Instructor development over a test focus

They all have pro's and con's which may or may not suit you. Ian and Chris at Better Driver Training are happy to discuss your thoughts, preconceptions and ideas and help you discover the best option for you. They speak from the perspective of experienced but modern Instructors who have a proven record of having carved their own niche in the industry - Why not Google them and see what you find!

Remember, the person/company you train to become an ADI with doesn't have to be the one you stay with. Some offer incentives, rebates or deals, but often these include minimum contracts, minimal lesson prices, and little support to grow your own reputation as it is not in their interest.

Step 2: Qualifying

The process is changing, and not all trainers are informed and up to date. Make sure you get the latest information and knowledge to ensure that you maximise your chances of success.

There are two main routes:

Green Badge - This is the trophy for all of your hard work and commitment. You can go straight for it without delivering any paid for tuition, however you will need a 'live pupil' for the final test and can teach without charging if you have the right insurance in place.

Pink Badge - The trainee licence. This allows you to develop your skill, knowledge and experience, increasing the chance of test success. In addition it allows you to practice while drawing on the experience of your trainer. Those going straight in on a green badge often find themselves in at the deepend (despite promises of support from franchises).

Step 3: Setting Up

Go solo, join a local/national franchise, or become part of a team like Better Driver Training?

Stay with your trainer or head to greener pastures?

Lease or Buy?

How much to charge?

Join the DIA, MSA, ADINJC or other national association? Or get PI/PL cover independently?

The questions and choices keep coming! And this is where most training lets you down. You were taught how to teach in some form or other at least to a minimum DVSA standard, but do you have the skills you need? Among these are:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Webdesign
  • Social Media
  • Diary Management
  • to name a few.....

Step 4: Getting Better

Every professional needs to continue to develop (Continuous Professional Development or CPD). Keeping up with new techniques and trends, Developing new skills and tools, Developing a support network.

The Driving Instructor sector is notoriously disconnected and insular. Many ADIs only speak to others at the Test Centre, and some don't even do that! We pride our selves on supporting, growing and educating many instructors across the country, and we know how important it is to invest and commit in this ongoing development. It is the difference between success and selling up.

Are you going to be good enough?

Only one way to find out - Get in touch and book an assessment, discover what we can do to support you, save you £££ and make you profit!

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