Au Pair Assessments & UK Orientation

Foreign Licence holder driving in the UK

Are your children safe? Is your car safe? Is your Au Pair safe?

Better Driver Training offer a bespoke approach to Au Pair, Nanny, and Childminder driving assessments.

Many Au Pairs are from right hand drive countries and have never driven on the left. The rules vary, the cars vary, and their length of driving experience is often limited. To help you address this we offer host families a comprehensive range of both assessment and training services. The training package you need will be unique to you, however some basic outlines of packages other host families have taken advantage of are as follows:

  • Package 1 - Au Pair Assessment - 1 to 2 hour basic driving assessment. This delivers an overview of your drivers competence and suggestions of areas they need to address or study.
  • Package 2 - Assessment and UK Orientation - 2 to 6 hours of UK road and Local area orientation. Based around a list of key locations specific to your family we offer tailored training. Schools, Clubs, Family homes, and any other locations of interest. This approach has also proven to reduce 'home sickness' and stress.
  • Package 3 - Safe and Secure UK Training - 5 to 10 hours of training. Starting with an assessment the trainer will provide a comprehensive set of lessons designed to fully orientate the foreign licence holder. Roundabouts, Box junctions, Traffic lights, Parking and more are covered in this specialist comprehensive approach.
Au Pair Assessment
Get a check done on the quality and safety of your Au Pairs driving on UK roads
UK Orientation
Moving from right to left? Give your Au Pair a head start on UK roads.
Keep your Kids safe
Do you want to risk your kids safety? Better Driver Training provide a range of packages designed to assess, develop and assist your Au Pairs road knowledge and your children safety
Kid blowing bubbles
Bubbles on a wand
Child Blowing Bubbles

Better Driver Training offer other advice and assistance, often from the bitter experience of other host families who have learnt the hard way!

Insurance, Licences, and Driving for Work policies can all become relevant depending on you and your situation. We don't want to cause you extra hassle, we want to save you money.

One of our experienced clients learnt the expensive way: He called Better Driver Training in to do an Au pair assessment. It was a reasonably good drive with a few areas of concern - mainly about changing to driving on the left. We fed back and they decided to take out the driver themselves to tackle things. A week later we were called back for recovery training. They had experienced a smash, a the costs were huge - car repair, increased insurance, time off the road and time off work. We now return every year to do what is necessary to get them safe to drive.

Is your new Au Pair safe on British roads?

Are your kids safe on the way to school?