Better Driver Training are Proud to be LGBTQ+ Friendly

As many of our past pupils will attest we have a reputation for welcoming all people. We aim to teach you the skills that are relevant to your life, and in doing so we support the individual that is sat next to us 100%. It isn’t about pride branded logos and ticking boxes, our community of learners, drivers and instructors genuinely want to support, encourage and grow skills that will keep you safe on the road for years to come.

Why is it relevant? – Cars don’t crash, people do.

Risk – 97% of road risk is based on human error and human decisions. To truly deliver DRIVER education, we need to have open and honest communication with the driver. If we are talking to a pupil about her biggest risk being “in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car” but she is lesbian or asexual this isn’t the relevant representation of that risk.

Non-binary in a binary system – Applying for a licence is a challenge for anyone. Doing so as someone who is non-binary has its own challenges and we can support you through what is and is not available. We have also been speaking to the DVLA about this, and they are considering changing the process. If they do we will be informed and best able to help navigate those options.

Pronouns – Not everyone has a preference, but those that do can confidently let us know comfortable in the knowledge that we will respect that request.

Do we need to know? – No, we are here to teach driving. But if you want to share and be free to be yourself then we want you to know that we are welcoming, understanding and accepting, and will do our best to support your journey with us.

If you have any questions please get in touch to discuss then, we welcome your feedback 0800 118 5038