Car Seat Law Changes March 2017

CAR SEAT LAW CHANGES - How are you affected?

We keep being asked about the changes taking place on March 1st 2017. The number of myths is amazing - so here are the facts!



New car seats will be meeting new regulations

There is no change to existing seats, only the regulations on new ones. So all required changes are being placed on the manufacturers.
The new seats (I-size) are being rated by age not weight. A baby will remain rear facing until 15 months. This position is up to 75% safer in case of a collision!

As always, if they are in the front seat airbags MUST be turned off.
Recommendation is to have them in the back as this provides added safety and protection. (But it's not a legal requirement) Make sure your seat is rated for your car and the desired seat position.

The communication of these changes has been shocking and myths are forming everywhere. Speak to your car seat retailer for the latest information

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i-size car seat systems and how they affect you

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Car Seat Law Changes March 2017