Car Theory Lessons Online – Better Driver Training

Would you rather be taught?

Traditionally the DVSA Theory Test is just an annoying hurdle. Many Driving Instructors tell pupils to self-study or "Read the Highway Code" which often causes pupils to struggle or fail multiple times. There are many challenges that this does not address, let alone that it focuses on passing the theory and not understanding the important information it contains.

At Better Driver Training we do things differently! We have teamed up with Theory Test Explained to provide 1:1 Zoom based training with a qualified driving instructor. These lessons make use of our Theory Test Pro system to identify the areas that you need to be taught.

Where do you struggle?

It isn't just the subject that people find challenging, there are a number of common issues that we have been able to help others succeed with:

Knowledge - If you don't know what a 'catalytic converter' is, how can you answer questions about them?

Understanding - If you don't know what a catalytic converter does, how can you understand what the question is asking?

Comprehension - Understanding the question itself. This includes the words being used, the point of the question and the structure of it.

Deduction - Educated elimination is a huge benefit for multiple-choice questions. Knowing the clues to look for and having techniques to make the process easier.

Learning - Instructors and Pupils think that 'Revision' is the key, but without learning first you have nothing to revise. Revision is about revisiting, learning is about discovering.

Memory - Many people struggle with remembering the information. We have lots of tried and tested approaches, plus some brain hacks!

Volume - The amount of information may be the issue. Using Theory Test Pro we help reduce the load and find commonalities to help you work less.

Support - Too often people are told to go and study, but they don't know what to study. We support you every step of the way, including test booking.

Fear - Some people have been told they can't or worry they will fail. We can't do it for you but we will help you grow your confidence.

Are you a Driving Instructor or a Pupil training with someone else?

We are happy to work with other instructors who do not offer theory support. Get in touch and we can form a support partnership to work towards a successful result all around. Better Driver Training prides itself on its place inside the instructor community. Our focus on client centred learning and road safety is key to everything we offer.

Ways to study?

There are two parts to the Theory Test:

Multiple Choice Questions

Hazard Perception

Before you decide which of the study approaches to consider we recommend looking at two factors:

  1. What help do you need and how do you learn best?
  2. How will you get support to develop your understanding?

So whether it be 1:1 training with one of our qualified trainers or head down in front of a computer, you will give yourself the best chance of success.