Choosing a Car Seat – Rear facing seats

Rear Facing Car Seats with Better Driver Training

It was time to get a new car seat for our 1 1/2 year old. So I thought I would share the unboxing, some facts and our choices with you. Getting a car seat is a major choice nowadays, with a huge range to work through. Our initial advice was "Pick one that you like the look of...", but once they realised the road safety of our children was important to us we got a much better tour. We finally opted for the Joie range, specifically the Spin 360. I had seen Joie in a number of the top Which! results, and the facts seemed to hold out.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Road safety starts at birth, with kids as young as 3 years old developing beliefs and driving habits that they will carry through to their own driving in the future. 90% of driving habits are deemed to be from parents, leaving Driving Instructors like us to step in at 17. Starting with good habits and demonstrating good road safety approaches at a young age will save you money in later years, not to mention keep your children safe.

Are you a parent?

We are getting more and more parents like you getting in touch for a driving assessment, road safety and driving with kids advice. New parents concerned about driving with a baby, or experienced parents wanting a refresher. We train all kinds of people and hope that it helps to not only make the roads and individuals safer, but also protect the drivers of tomorrow.

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Choosing a Car Seat – Rear facing seats