Become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Do you want a new career? A new business? More freedom or independence?

Can we offer these? Maybe!

Can you achieve these? Definitely!

Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) is a challenging process. Most websites and trainers will tell you there are three parts to the driving instructor qualifying process:

Part 1 - Theory & Hazard Perception

Part 2 - Driving Ability

Part 3 - Instruction/Teaching

They are not wrong, but it does depend on what you are looking for.... The above 3 stages qualify you to deliver 'paid for tuition', however they do not necessarily give you the skills to be a successful and profitable ADI. Many driving instructors fail inside the first 1-2 years, not because they can't teach people to drive, but because they haven't developed the necessary skills or have the support to run a profitable driving school business. At Better Driver Training we don't want to get you to a good enough standard and then charge you money to watch you sink or swim. Our focus is development - Yours, Ours, and Your Pupils. To find out about Part 4 - The Secret Test discover our article giving you the truth about qualifying successfully.

What can Better Driver Training offer you?

Becoming a Trainee Driving Instructor or PDI

Our promise is to be honest and do our best

All of the driving instructors at Better Driver Training have been where you are now. Excited at the challenge, the new start, new career and chance to become your own boss. They also discovered that it isn't always what was promised - often the hard way!

Every potential driving instructor has her or his own reason for starting the job. You may have seen the adverts promising £30-40k per year and working the hours you want. This isn't what we offer, because it often isn't true. What we offer is that we will work with you to design, grow and build your success. We give you advice based on experience and hard work. We only take on people that we believe will strive to support the Better approach to teaching people to drive.

What does this mean for you?

  • No cost, Free, Zero risk opportunity to talk to two of the countries top Driving Instructors - Chris Bensted and Ian Brett.
  • FULL support and training IF we think you are able to meet the grade.
  • Honest feedback.
  • Knowledge of your options based on personal experience and years of talking to ADIs across the country.
  • Access to a NATIONAL network of Approved Driving Instructors.
  • Inspiration, innovation and the latest techniques and approaches.
  • A wide range of carrer options beyond just teaching learners.

Want to take the next step to starting a new career and becoming a Better Driver Trainer?

Full support given, 'Family feel', Become part of an established team, Create your own business