Driving Lessons and Taking the Test in West Wickham

Learn to Drive west Wickham Test Centre

Learning to Drive in West Wickham

West Wickham  currently has it's own Car driving Test Centre at the end of the High Street.

West Wickham Driving Test Centre Address
56 Glebe Way
West Wickham

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Theory Test - £23- Book Here / Change Here
Practical Test - £62- Book Here / Change Here

What to expect if you have your driving test in West Wickham.


  • Roads - Town in West Wickham, Shirley and surrounding areas, Dual Carriageways (Gravel Hill).
  • Manoeuvres - Turning in the Road, Reverse Corner, Parallel Park, Controlled Stop.
  • The Centre -  Toilet, Waiting room, Park in Rose Walk in a safe, legal and convenient location.
  • Average Number of Tests per slot: 6.


Top West Wickham Test "Highlights":


  • The 'Mad Mile' roundabouts and up Gravel Hill.
  • Right turns at the traffic lights in the High Street and in Hayes at the end of Mead Way.
  • The roundabout near Lanlgley Park Schools down to the Chinese Roundabout near Kelsey Park.
  • Bus Lane on the A21 Bromley Common from Bromley Common towards Bromley College.

Those learning with Better Driver Training are more likely to pass than those trained privately or by parents

It's not all about the test! Better Driver Training's expert Driving Instructors know this, our syllabus and approach to learning to drive focusses on developing safe driving practices in all areas and environments. Our Driving School is dedicated in not only test success but safe driving for life. We understand that everybody learns differently and therefore we treat you as an individual.

On your first lesson we will work with you to set a schedule, method and style of learning that will best suit you. Using this bespoke approach Better Driver Training have a reputation for better lessons, better drivers and better results.

By the time you take, and pass, your test you will not have driven test routes every lesson. Instead you will have developed the key skills required to pass the test anywhere. Awareness, Planning and Risk assessment skills are key to keeping you safe for a future on the road.

Does it all end there?

Not at all.

Better Driver Training offer comprehensive training and support after your test. We train full licence holders, newly qualified drivers even au pairs and taxi drivers!

Motorway training, Parking assistance or just a confidence boost, whatever you need we can cater to it.

How often have you heard "You only learn to drive once you pass your test"?

While we don't agree, and neither do our passed pupils, we do acknowledge that driving is about experience. Why stop taking training, however occasional to develop your driving and safety further?

Driving is a life skill, but how many other skills do you learn and not reassess or develop further. Anyone aged 17-111 can benefit with some friendly advice and support.

Gift vouchers are available on request.