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Multiple Choice Questions

50 multiple choice questions (MCQs) from a bank of over 1000! You need 43+ to pass.

Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception test is possibly the least understood. 44 out of 75 to pass may sound easy, but there is a knack to it!


The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are designed to test a broad range of knowledge. This is often broader than expected including questions of Trailers, First Aid and Mobility Vehicles. The databank of over 1000 questions is not published, however any company DVSA theory revision will be basing this on the Official DVSA revision bank - so it should be similar enough to give you what you need.

This databank is based on the knowledge from the Highway Code, Driving Essential Skills, and Know Your Traffic Signs - 3 books produced by the DVSA/TSO.

The last 5 questions are in a Case Study format, so bear this in mind when revising on a question by question basis.


The Hazard Perception Test is NOT about spotting Hazards....!

It IS about spotting POTENTIAL, DEVELOPING and SERIOUS hazards.... This is often where people struggle.

Our walkthrough guide will help you understand and develop your technique to achieve success.

Too often people forget about the HP test and focus solely on the MCQs. Remember that, in schooling terms, they are each worth 50% of your grade. Fail one, retake both!

The real HP questions are not all in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and not real video. However, most of our pupils find the quality and usability of this to be better than the original video clips.