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Start Driving

Get your first Provisional Licence

Many people don't realise that you can get your Provisional Licence 3 months before you turn 17 so you can start driving on your 17th birthday. The is also the ideal time to find and book your Driving Instructor if you haven't already. In fact we recommend booking 6 months in advance, this means you choose the Driving Instructor you want, not the one that is left available. We will happily pencil you in up to 2 years in advance just to ensure you are satisfied!

You need your Provisional Licence to start lessons. You can apply for that via here

Booking your Theory Test

Once you are ready you can book your Theory Test. Better Driver Training provide bespoke theory support, speak to your Driving Instructor to discuss how you will best learn. You can do this before your lessons start, we are happy to work with you to put a plan in place. The official booking site is here - BEWARE: Some unofficial sites charge a booking fee, the site does not.

Help Getting Your Driving Licence

Booking your Practical Driving Test

Your Driving Instructor will be able to guide you in when to book your practical test. NOTE: You cannot do this until you have passed your Theory. It is important that you have covered the criteria laid out in the DVSA Syllabus (National Standards for Driver and Rider Trainers) and are ready for a safe future on the road. A great way to assess this is to do a mock test with a different trainer. You can organise this as part of your lessons.

To book the Practical Driving Test via go here - Please do this with the support of your Driving Instructor

BEWARE: The DVSA do not provide vehicles. Your Driving Instructor will need to be available so you can book a lesson to use their car. Check they are available BEFORE booking the slot! The DVSA have strict cancellation policies and you could lose your fee.

Taking Driving Lessons with Better Driver Training

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