Driving Lessons with Better Driver Training

Getting Started

We offer advice and guidance for:

  • Getting your Provisional Licence
  • Starting BEFORE 17
  • Choosing your Driving Instructor
  • Insurance for Private Practice
  • The test process

Learning to Drive

Let us help you with:

  • Learning approaches and styles
  • Passing your Driving Test
  • Setting 'real life' goals
  • Nervous drivers and Confidence building
  • Special/Specific Educational Needs
  • Theory Test Training
  • Success, Satisfaction and Safety

Further training

As well as the car (Cat B) test, we offer:

  • Motorways
  • Refresher training
  • Parking advice
  • Confidence Building
  • Driving Phobias
  • Foreign Licence Holder orientation
  • Trailer Training (B+e)
  • Taxi Training
Driving Lessons from a qualified Driving Instructor

Want to learn to drive? What do you need to know?

Learning to drive is a minefield of questions, choices and opportunities. At Better Driver Training our aim is to make it simple for you to find and book driving lessons tailored your own individual needs.

"What do YOU need?" and "What can we offer YOU?"

Every day we help people like you navigate their way through the process easily, cost-effectively and safely. The three key skills we deliver are:

Freedom - Independence - Safety

Our success is seeing our drivers passing their test ready to drive away on their own. The following advice and information will help us get you there. To make the process even easier we recommend you get in touch to discuss your individual situation. We can then offer you personalised advice, an assessment to identify the best way for you to proceed.

Book Now!

Don't be disappointed. Every week we get calls from people for immediate training, and we promise to try our best to help. However, we only have so many lessons available and encourage everyone to book early. 15? 16? And want the best training you can get at 17? Book now, Pay later! Pay nothing until the week before your first lesson and benefit from Better DT's help and advice on how to get the best start on the road.

For advice on how to get your Provisional Licence, Book your Tests, or Plan your Theory Test revision - Use our Learn to Drive resources

How many hours do I need to pass the UK driving test?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked when people book. You can see others on our FAQs section.

The answer is easy - We don't know! (And anyone who says they do is plucking figures!) Every Learner Driver is different, and until we get you in the car we would be guessing. However, we do promise to help.

What we can tell you is:
The DVSA quote an average of 47 hours professional lessons with 25 hours Private Practice.

We will be honest with you, and keep lessons as affordable as possible. At Better Driver Training we work with families to provide Private Practice (Visit our Insurance Advice page). Accompanying drivers are invited to come along on lessons (with drivers permission), and even have their own driving assessment to update them on current changes and approaches.

Our best advice for you once you have booked your lessons - Get stuck into the Theory Test! Many pupils waste valuable time and money by putting off the theory while developing their driving. As part of your Better Lesson package you get FREE online Theory Test training. It doubles your chance of passing the Theory and allows your Better Driver Trainer to help you revise and learn. If that isn't enough?! Better Driver Training is one of the few Driving Schools to offer 1:1, 1:2 and 1:group Theory Training face to face. However you study best, what ever needs or challenges you face, Better Driver Training will be the best choice for your success.

Looking for Driving Lessons? We have what you need!

Nervous? Excited? Experienced? Brand new? We are here to help you achieve your goals