Learner Drivers to be allowed on motorways in 2018

Start training on motorways before you pass your driving test

We knew it was coming, but it's official!

The government have announced that provisional licence holders will be allowed on motorways at a time TO BE ANNOUNCED in 2018. (NOTE: At this moment they still can't)

You can find the governments official release here

This will have to be with a qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in a dual controlled car. Only these professional driving instructors, who can be identified by their Green Badge in the window, will be able to deliver the pre-test training.

Better Driver Training's very own Chris Bensted is one of the only ADIs on the steering group working alongside the DfT and DVSA amongst others on this change, he says

"This is a long overdue change. Up to now the majority of drivers started using Motorways without specific training, now this new legislation will mean we can help make everyone safer. It won't suit everyone, and many of the country struggle to reach a Motorway, however those that can will benefit.

All driving instructors can currently offer Motorway training, but often this isn't taken post-test. We can now build it into the process once the necessary skills and experience have been developed.

To those members of the public concerned with this change I would just take a minute to point out that currently new drivers can venture out of the test centre and onto the motorway with no training. Now we have the opportunity to support and guide their motorway development in a practical environment we will be able to help them make better decisions. Motorway training is already available for full licence holders and can benefit anyone no matter what their experience level."

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Learner Drivers to be allowed on motorways in 2018