Learner Drivers on Motorways

June 4th Learners on Motorways

Learners on Motorways

From the 4th June 2018 Learner drivers will be allowed to experience UK Motorways. This change is the latest in a line of modernisations to driver training headed by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) designed to deliver 'real life' drivers.


Learner drivers MUST:

  • Be accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
  • In a dual controlled vehicle
  • Display L Plates
  • Prepared - The phrase being used is 'Test ready'
  • Willing - Motorway driving is voluntary and will not be on the test

What has happened previously?

Before June 4th newly qualified drivers would often venture onto Motorways unprepared. While ADIs would offer training and DVSA would recommend schemes like 'Pass Plus', few drivers did this due to financial, time and other constraints. Despite this Motorways continue to be the safest category of road in the UK. They only make up 1% of the road network but carry 21% of journeys. 

Why change?

Motorways are statistically safest. KSIs (Killed and Seriously Injured statistics) for Motorways have remained consistently low in comparison to built up (urban) and non-built up (rural) roads. Therefore, in our opinion, the changes are three-fold:

  1. Safety - We want to at least maintain and hopefully reduce the KSI rates on these roads. This can be done using 'the 3 E's' - Enforcement, Engineering and Education. Camera technology is developing, with the ability to identify 'middle lane hogging' as well as variable speed violations allowing effective policing despite the reduced presence on the road.
  2. Skill sets - We need to ensure that motorway users know the rules, and drive to them. Correct lane discipline, adequate clearance and effective communication are key to successful use of the motorway.
  3. Confidence - Motorways are safer - fact - By developing driver confidence they will be more likely to use the network, reducing their time and risk on the statistically more dangerous roads.

Sky News Coverage

Better Driver Training's Chris Bensted appeared on Sky to cover the changes. The interview can be seen on our Facebook page 'Better Driver Training'.

Learner Drivers on Motorways