Do you want to stop being a Nervous Driver?

Do you feel dread getting behind the wheel of a car? Driving anxiety and phobias are common, but easily addressed with the right support and confidence.

Are you nervous about the idea of driving on a motorway? Motorways are statistically the safest roads in the UK. Confidence on these roads will make you safer and help reduce your anxiety.

Do you get nervous when asked to drive a friend into town? By driving with a friendly stranger you can discover confidence without the pressures from your family or peers.

At Better Driver Training nervous drivers are always welcome.


We have a reputation for getting nervous drivers driving comfortably and quickly. Your driving instructor will be equipped with the skills needed to get you through the test. Your instructor will help guide you through the learning to drive process giving you the skills you need to become less nervous and eventually to become a safe and confident driver.

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