New Driving Test 2017

Whats Changing?

Better Driver Training are on TV again!

This time speaking about the DVSA announcements to change the driving test from Monday 4th December 2017. Following a trial and public consultation they have announced these changes:

Removed: Turning in the road and Reverse Corner manoeuvres

Added: A number of interesting changes have been introduced.

  • 20 minutes of independent drive (currently 10)
  • SAT-NAV directions will be used during the independent driving
  •  Vehicle safety questions (Show me Tell Me) also be done on the move - With the potential of becoming a fail!
  • Pulling forwards into a parking bay and reversing out
  • Pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reversing back and then pulling away

But what does this mean to you?

Learn to Drive and Pass your Driving Test with success and skill

The Full Story From The DVSA

The DVSA video provides an over view of the changes and what will be expected of you on the driving test.

For further information you can find full details here

The Official Video from the DVSA

Are you in control of your test?

'New' Driving Lessons - The new test and you

What is changing?

Nothing - At least not at Better Driver Training. We teach all of our pupils to a standard where we feel confident they will be able to handle everything the road has to throw at them - this is above that of any driving test. Therefore any of the test changes are already covered on our lessons. We will however be ensuring that all our customers understand the DVSA test standards and how to meet, and beat, them.

What do you need to do to prepare?

Relax, stay confident, and keep aiming to be a better driver! Leave the rest up to us!