New Practical Driving Test 2017

What are the changes to the new driving test?

Better Driver Training demonstrate the new test to Sky News co-anchor Jonathan Samuels

Can you pass the new DVSA driving test?

Today (Monday 4th December 2017) launches the biggest practical driving test change in 80 years. Chris Bensted from Better Driver Training takes out Jonathan Samuels from Sky News to put him through his paces - See the official video from Sky News to see how he gets on!

Here is an overview of what you will face

What are the changes?

The key changes to the test are:

  • Removal of the Turning in the Road and Reverse Corner manoeuvres from the test
  • Independent drive increased to 20 minutes
  • Introduction SatNav guided drive (on 4:5 tests)
  • New manoeuvres - Right Reverse (Pulling up and reversing on the right) & Forward Bay Park
  • Safety questions being done on the move (Open window, sound horn, etc.)

What do you need to know?

Your instructor will still be focussed on teaching you all the skills you need to be safe on the road. Some of these, like the Turning in the Road, are not on the test. However they are IN the test as they give you the control you need to develop the test manoeuvres and car control your require. By developing all the core skills you will find no problem transferring these to the situations you face on the driving test and beyond.


How can we help you prepare?

We have a growing range of resources including the vehicle safety or show me tell me questions, which can all be found via our help page. Before you can book your practical, you must pass your theory test. As part of your lessons we provide a full theory test training package, and can recommend various educational tools to help you learn including 1:1 sessions with your Better Driver Trainer.

The key to success......

The top tip for passing the driving test is experience. This has been proven time and time again by studies around the world.

Get practice, Get training, and Get confident!

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New Practical Driving Test 2017