Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

We believe in honest reviews and testimonials. Many of our customers are kind enough to share their experiences and feedback via our Facebook page. These reviews are current, genuine and unedited... just the way we like them. Please take a minute to visit us on Facebook, ask a question, have a read or admire our success stories! Better Driver Training on Facebook

Aren't all Instructors the same?

When looking for driving lessons, a driving instructor or a driving school we understand that everybody has different needs. To help you discover just what Better lessons will mean to you, we encourage all customers to start with an assessment (usually 2 hours). This provides two exciting opportunities:

1 - It allows you to discover if we are as good, different or flexible as you need us to be.

2 - It allows us to figure out how we can best help you. Different people learn differently, using our expertise and experience we can help put a plan in place which will tailor the learning to you. This results in a better driver, quicker learning to a higher standard and can save you money!


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