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Becoming a Local Authority Taxi Driver

Better Driver Training are one of the few Driving Schools which offer professional DVSA or DIAmond Taxi Test Training. We cover a range of training in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, and surrounding areas. Other training and advice is available on request (pricing subsidies may be applied).

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If you wish to become a taxi driver (Local authority Hackney or Private Hire) we are here to help you get through the process as easily as possible. Most prospective taxi drivers are experienced drivers, though often haven't had their driving assessed for years. Because of this we usually offer either 2 or 3 tiered approach.

Step 1: Driving Assessment (2 hours)

Step 2 (If required): Driver Development (Usually 2-4 hours)

Step 3: Test Day (1 hour test support + optional 1 hour pretest)

In addition to this practical assessment and test preparation, Better Taxi Training provides you with the background reading and information you will be expected to have as part of your driving knowledge.

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At Better Driver Training we understand the requirements of becoming a local authority taxi driver. We too are self-employed and have to generate our own business, as well as relying on reputation and trust of the public. Our guidance not only covers the DVSA Taxi Test, the Taxi Manoeuvres, and Cabology questions, it also gives you guidance and best practice information to benefit you in your future career and your business.

How to Proceed?

Every authority has their own requirements when becoming a taxi driver. The first step is to find out what you need to achieve, you will do this by contacting the authority that covers the area where you want to be a Hackney or Private Hire Taxi Driver. Nowadays this information is often of their website (often under the licensing department), however it can be useful to speak to the individuals responsible as they often have local advice. You can also mention that you are organising training with Better Driver Training, as we are well known by many local authority departments and DVSA examiners.

Depending on the local authority taxi qualification requirements you will need to do the following:

CRB or DBS check - Do this first as, if you are not cleared, you will be unable to qualify without it.
Contact Better Driver Training - Get in touch to check the waiting list and availability. Call us on 0800 118 5038 or use our Contact form
Medical Check - Again, complete this before paying for training. We can help your driving but cannot help your health.
Theory Test - Some authorities include a theory test. This may cover areas of working practice, however many rely on the Cabology and Highway Code questions from the test.
Local Knowledge Test - This is either done on paper or as a practical exercise. They will normally provide a full list of locations and routes you need to know.
Practical Taxi Test - This is the test of your driving ability and where we can help. We will give you a driving assessment and give you all the information you will need to complete the test. Remember: Book your assessment BEFORE you book the test. Your Better Driver Trainer will then schedule any remedial training required, or support on the day of the test.

If you are from a local authority, we also offer a full consultation service on the best way to protect your licensing requirements. Better Driver Training have been involved in helping many bodies put processes in place but in the UK and abroad. Please contact us to discuss by calling 0800 118 5038.

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