The Trailer Test – B+e

The DVSA Car and Trailer ( B+E ) test

The DVSA Car and Trailer test is designed to check that you can safely tow a trailer behind a car or van both forwards and backwards.

Pass your towing test

You will not need to take a separate theory test as this was covered in your car theory test, just the practical which is based on the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) practical driving test and lasts for about an hour.

During the test you will be asked to:

  • correctly answer 5 vehicle safety questions
  • safely and accurately perform a reversing exercise in a marked area
  • couple and uncouple the trailer from the car and perform safety checks on the trailer
  • drive on the road including one way streets, dual carriageways and motorways
  • perform 10 minutes of independent driving which will involve following road signs, a series of directions, or a combination of the two.

Just like in a driving test you are permitted up to 15 'driver errors' (which are also known as minors) and no 'serious' or 'dangerous' faults (also known as majors). A major error is deemed as anything that may cause you to lose control of the car, perform a dangerous action or cause other road users to slow, swerve or stop in order to avoid hitting you.

During your on-the-road drive make sure you:

  • are checking mirrors (and blindspots where necessary) before moving off or stopping, changing gear and when moving round parked vehicles or obstacles
  • position the vehicle and trailer correctly on the road as you drive along
  • drive at a safe speed which is within the speed limit
  • maintain control of the vehicle when doing hill starts and moving off,

All drivers have bad habits. We often rescue experienced drivers who were tempted into taking a car and trailer to ‘have a go’ at the test but failed to understand the required standards. Bear in mind that it is still a driving test and you may find bad habits creeping in. Our tailored training can save you the time and money wasted by failing the test. If you would like to take your own car please call us and we can advise you of the requirements.

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