Trailer Training – B+e Test – Are you towing illegally?

Many people like you are towing illegally. We can help you keep your licence!

If you passed your test after 1997 contact us today for a free licence assessment and details of our Trailer Training

Car towing trailer

What we offer

Better Driver Training do not offer a one-size fits all course that treats you like you know everything OR nothing! We work with you to produce a course that delivers you all the skills you need for success.

Pre-test assessment, Manoeuvre training, Driving skills, Test requirements, Post-test Assistance and much more. The first thing we do is assess your needs.

Do you need the B+e licence?

What experience do you have?

What can we do to help you succeed?

These are some of the questions we ask to deliver you the best, cost effective, and hassle free solution.

Private Drivers

Family holidays, Boats, Horses and more. We have helped numerous drivers achieve their licence so they could enjoy leisure activities and do the things they needed

Company Drivers/Professionals

Better Driver Training have worked with many companies to ensure that their drivers are legal and qualified. This doesn't stop at trailers, but also company driving assessments and Driving for Work policies.

Whatever your individual need and requirement, we will deliver you everything you need to be successful. You just need the drive!

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Free licence check for those wanting to do their Trailer Test

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