Young Driver Challenge – 11-17 Driving Experiences

What is Young Driver Challenge?

What is Young Driver Challenge?
To start with - Young Driver Challenge is an opportunity to let your teenager get behind the wheel of a real dual controlled car.
Then - It is what you want it to be. Customers like you book sessions with YDC for a wide range of reasons. In fact every one of our drivers is unique, and thats why we treat them as such. Some of the reasons they come to us include:
  • Confidence building
  • Developing coordination and control
  • Fun! In fact, this one we insist on!
Parents and Grandparents are often amazed at how good the drivers really are after just an hours practice. We even see the odd inherited bad habit coming through (but we won't tell!). Once you are invited to sit in for their final lap you will be amazed how much they can do for themselves. Just remember, if they want the car keys before they are 17 they can only do so at a Young Driver Challenge session!
We can be found at Bromley College just off of the A21 near Bromley Common at the end of Rookery Lane.
Book your session now to avoid disappointment!
Please note that 30 minute sessions are available on request. Contact us on 0800 118 5038 or by email and we will make the sessions available.

Book your tickets for our Bromley site. Our Maidstone. site will be coming soon!